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Managed IT Services

Apex helps you gain a competitive edge by focusing on mission-critical tasks while we take care of all your IT requirements.

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IT professionals at Apex are the building blocks of our as well as your organization’s success.

As we monitor your IT infrastructure 24*7, our team of dedicated experts identifies and resolves an issue before it reaches the threshold of risks. Our team of handpicked team players enhance the security of your system, focus on building your business, grow your IT systems with your business through their skillsets.

Making IT Your Strongest Link

IT Services

In today’s era, companies of all sizes majorly rely on their IT infrastructure and can’t afford any setbacks with their data. The need for security and management has lead us to perform and deliver excellence backed by proven IT models.

Virtual Chief Information Officer (VCIO)

The Virtual Chief Information Officer is one of the greatest benefits of being a Total Support Client with Apex. The VCIO is a strategic-level IT Director, dedicated to your organization’s successful use of technology in accomplishing your goals.
• Strategic IT Planning and Budgeting assistance (5-Year)
• Needs Analysis and Solution Evaluation and Recommendations
• Regular meetings with Management team & Monthly Executive Summary Reports
• Project Planning and Management assistance (together with our full-time Project Manager) • Relationship Management, Service escalations & personalized care
• IT Policies, Procedures, Standards Development, Procurement and Purchasing
• IT Resource Management (licensing, inventories, warranties, etc.)
• Coordination and Management of third-party technology vendors

Help Desk IT Services

Remote Monitoring and Management

A key aspect of Apex’s service is proactive monitoring & alerting, and patching of the Client’s network. Apex installs a small software agent on the Client’s supported devices, which monitors over 75 different metrics around the clock. Most IT issues will be automatically detected early by this enterprise-class IT Remote Monitoring & Management (RMM) software. When a monitoring alert is triggered, it automatically generates a Help Desk service ticket in our fully integrated CRM, Ticketing and IT Management software, ConnectWise. The Help Desk then fulfills their role in addressing IT issues (described on the next page). We also provide patch management and apply critical security and system patches to keep the network secure and performing reliably.


Remote Help Desk Support

For your direct staff support, Apex Technology Management operates a California-based, full time, fully staffed Help Desk. Our experienced IT experts can offer support services that can resolve troubleshooting and other issues remotely.

Service tickets can be created by phone, email, or Client Web Portal. A Toll-Free Number is also available. A client who calls Apex’s Help Desk on the phone is speaking with a live technician in an average of 17 seconds. The technicians log in to the caller’s system remotely and address their IT issues. Escalation is available to Level II and Level III technicians and/or On-Site technician as needed.

Fast & Secure Management

On-Site Support

With Apex’s enterprise-class remote Help Desk support in place, the vast majority of the Client’s IT needs will be addressed remotely (typically over 95%). However, there are those periodic issues that do require a technician’s physical, on-site presence. If a particular IT job requires on-site technician service-Apex has you covered!

On the Gold plan, on-Site support is available but billed separately from the proposed monthly plan. It is billed at Gold discounted rates. (listed in the Pricing section of this proposal).

We have options with on-site support time included if you would like to review alternate plans. We can review what you are interested in and develop an option to fit your needs and budget.


Project Services

Our Total Support plans include the ongoing maintenance and support of your existing IT infrastructure, hardware, software, etc. Any work outside of that (e.g. installation of new/additional/replacement servers, network equipment, software solutions, etc.) would be considered “special projects.” Special projects will be quoted, submitted, approved and billed separately from the proposed monthly support agreement.

As part of our initial “Onboarding” process, Apex technicians will also conduct an Initial IT Assessment of the Client’s network. This Assessment may provide additional insights to be considered for implementation. Recognizing that budget constraints are the “norm” for public agencies, the VCIO will recommend project solutions that meet your budget constraints, while still maintaining a secure and stable network that is guided by IT industry best practices.


Remediation, Stabilization & Transformation

Apex becomes intimately familiar with the Client’s organizational culture, mission, values, policies and procedures and we integrate. Our goal is to move away from a “vendor” relationship and become the Client’s own IT department. Remediation projects are completed to eliminate any recurring issues and replace aging/at-risk infrastructure. The IT environment is stabilized, secured and standardized. Opportunities to transform the Client’s organization are sought. A longer-term Strategic IT Plan is created that will turn IT into a tool that advances the organizations mission and vision moving into the future.

Public Cloud Services

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Our Approach To Excellence

We take care of your IT world so that you can focus better on high-value activities.

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A message from our President

“ Apex is dedicated to setting new and higher standards of community and customer service, motivated by pride in our work and a hands-on friendly approach. “


Benefits of choosing Apex

As an efficient managed IT service provider, our team of IT specialists provides extensive IT solutions for storage, monitoring, troubleshooting issues, support assistance, and much more.

We take care of your IT world so that you can focus better on high-value activities.


Rapid Response

We understand the importance of time in the IT world which is why we provide lightning-fast assistance from Apex’s managed IT service experts on board. Because when the business is experiencing a security incident, we want to assure you that we solve your IT-related problems with minimal downtime.


Increased Productivity

We manage regular IT functions like the end-to-end services of installation, design, and monitoring complemented with cost-efficient solutions.

By offering our services that constitute automated tools and a long-term strategy, we eliminate the need for your full-time attention to your IT infrastructure, and hence, you increase your productivity.

Managed_It_Service_Improved Efficiency_Icon

Improved Efficiency

The need for improved efficiency is a dream to all business types and sizes and when you appoint us, we provide access to the most experienced minds and offer managed IT services for small businesses as well as big organizations.

These expert minds tend to take proactive actions when needed and maintain the same level of security and governance as their larger counterparts. We also increase your efficiency significantly by decreasing the cost, removing IT-related distractions, and providing 24*7 monitoring.

Minimize Downtime Icon

Reduced Downtime

To keep your business profitable, we knit the right strategy where your IT infrastructure is free from threats. A staggering 95% of cybersecurity breaches are caused by human error and that is why Apex’s team of IT specialists identify the risk of intrusion and resolve them as soon as they occur.

With our 24*7 IT managed services support, auditing, and risk management, we make sure to eliminate the toll that downtime takes on the cost, morale, and reputation.

Our implementations are targeted towards two primary goals: client’s business growth and client’s satisfaction


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