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When Reliable and Modern IT Support Drives Business Growth

Accelerate your business growth


Your business is important and you need to be able to trust your IT support provider to take care of your most valuable asset.

Today, the need of the hour for businesses is to avail the best IT support to maintain optimal business operations. It is high time for businesses to move the burden of IT support to experts.

Apex deploys a dedicated IT staff that possesses the skills and experience to undertake complex IT tasks. With 24/7 IT support experts, your company will gain newfound freedom to operate efficiently and effectively.

Types of IT Support

As an award-wining IT Company, we believe in all-in-one professional IT support services that can help businesses reduce costs and offer long-term value. Businesses no longer have to hop from one third-party IT support to another. Instead, the answer lies in integrated IT support company services that can increase operational capacity and open new growth opportunities for businesses. With Apex, businesses can count on:

24/7 Help Desk Support

You’re expecting your systems to be Safe, Secure & Stable and there when you need them. Our Help Desk has 24/7 availability for Emergencies. It is fully staffed from 7:30am-5:30pm, Monday-Friday, excluding holidays. Outside of these hours, your calls, emails and alerts are answered by a LIVE person, and on call technicians will respond according to issue urgency/priority.


Remote Support

For your direct staff support, Apex Technology Management operates a California-based, full time, fully staffed Help Desk. Our experienced IT experts can offer support services that can resolve troubleshooting and other issues remotely.

Service tickets can be created by phone, email, or Client Web Portal. A Toll-Free Number is also available. A client who calls Apex’s Help Desk on the phone is speaking with a live technician in an average of 17 seconds. The technicians log in to the caller’s system remotely and address their IT issues. Escalation is available to Level II and Level III technicians and/or On-Site technician as needed.


Onsite Support

With Apex’s enterprise-class remote Help Desk support in place, the vast majority of our Client’s IT needs are addressed remotely (typically over 95%).However, there are those periodic issues that do require a technician’s physical, on-site presence. If a particular IT job requires on-site technician service—Apex has you covered!


Patch Management

Using Remote Monitoring and Management software, our Help Desk technicians manage all Operating System updates and security patches, and automate recurring maintenance tasks. This has become vital to help prevent Cybersecurity incidents that actively exploit know vulnerabilities.


Computer Support – Hardware & Software

Support for your workstations, laptops and key business systems is vital to your staff for achieving organization goals. We know you have staff both onsite and working remotely. Apex offers hardware and software computer support. We have three levels of tech specialists to take care of even the most complex hardware and software issues.


Network Infrastructure & Administration

Monitoring and managing network infrastructure components such as firewalls, routers, switches and wireless access points is essential to keeping your operations running. At Apex, our experienced managed services team provides enterprise-wide network infrastructure management and monitoring, giving you the assurance that the technical backbone of your organization is running smoothly.


Server Support

Your servers are the heart of your IT Infrastructure. Any downtime means a massive loss in productivity for your staff. Our proactive and comprehensive server monitoring and management service is designed to keep them running smoothly and efficiently at all times. Server migrations can be very disruptive to an organization. Our experienced team will manage the process for you and complete the work after hours so your staff can focus on getting their work done.


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Why Choose Apex for IT Support?

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Handover your IT Problems to our IT Technicians

Small businesses no longer have to be at the mercy of unexpected new IT problems. It is a new and exciting time for organizations to embrace modern IT support solutions to maintain optimal production standards.


User Management

The IT landscape is evolving at a faster rate than businesses realize. More change means more user management issues. Small business IT support means you will never have to worry about constant installing, configuring, and uninstalling applications on Windows and macOS. Plus, we also help businesses add and disable user passwords.


Printer and Scanning Management

Apex gives business executives and managers more freedom to work on the go. We want to lend a hand to businesses to receive printer and scanning support. We serve as a partner for companies to track and manage all their printers remotely. We send alerts and notifications when you need more toner that automatically reduces downtime. Apex also helps businesses manage their printer authentication, mobility, and security.


Selected VoIP Providers

As the pandemic continues to thwart business operations, businesses need to extend their VoIP services. Apex can resolve malware and troubleshooting issues on the macOS and Windows ecosystem. Our IT experts can configure and re-configure your system settings to get more value from your selected VoIP provider.


Mobile Device Management

With Apex mobile device management, businesses can maximize their productivity and employee satisfaction. Our mobile device management includes VPN setup, wireless network connectivity troubleshooting, geographical tracking, remote lock, and VPN client troubleshooting. We can even guide your IT staff to secure your business apps and personal mobile devices.

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Benefits of
IT Support Services from Apex

Whether it’s a small business or a giant corporation, Apex IT support services have become standard to maintain a competitive edge and move forward in the right direction. In retrospect, 24/7 IT support services can ensure the present and future of business operations.

Apex: Who We Are

Your business deserves innovative tech solutions that
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expected growth.

It is imperative to note that how businesses operate and function now revolves around digital applications and programs. And that means you should have better access to IT support.

You’ve opened the door of modern technology and now leave it to professional IT experts to help you use and maintain tech solutions. We help businesses make informed and calculated decisions through our dedicated IT support services. Modern practices to maintain architecture infrastructure and data can change the way your business operates.

At Apex, you can count on the expertise, wisdom, passion, and experience of tech specialists who render the best IT support. Since the inception of Apex, our sole focus of attention has been our clients, community, and employees. We find innovative ways for businesses to use the latest technologies to take business operations to the next level.

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