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The COVID-19 pandemic has literally served as a wake-up call for better management of patient data and enabling better patient outcomes through the right technology. The aftermath of the pandemic has seen many healthcare IT teams grapple with increased workloads, systems strained to their max capabilities, and reduced budgets and manpower to top it all off. With stark dips in elective surgeries and regular checkups, current federal labor statistics show that the healthcare industry has seen massive staff reductions recently. In such a scenario, engage Managed IT Services Sacramento professionals to manage your healthcare IT.

Why do healthcare practices need healthcare IT services?

There are many reasons why you should recruit a specialist MSP to handle healthcare IT services including:

You require round-the-clock IT monitoring and support.

In-house IT teams are often incapable of providing the level of round-the-clock, consistent IT monitoring and support that healthcare organizations now need. Technical issues or data breaches don’t wait for office hours. This is where a Managed IT services provider can help you guarantee 24/7/365 security, reliability, and support for all your technical requirements. With specialized service providers, you are also guaranteed the additional peace of mind that comes with on-demand specialized expertise when you face a crisis like a data breach or other cyber attacks.

You require highly specialized IT services.

HIPAA regulations are complex and it is often challenging for healthcare organizations to remain compliant without additional support. Specialized healthcare IT managed services providers can not only help you remain compliant with the latest data rules and regulations in the healthcare space but also guarantee the integrity of your patient data. More importantly, they can help you manage information efficiently in your medical practice to both protect data and leverage value out of your data. IT services for healthcare in Redding providers can also help you with better management of electronic health records, integration of multiple Healthcare IT systems, go cloud-native for your applications and services and facilitate telehealth services.

You are at serious risk of being targeted by a cybercriminal.

Healthcare data is highly valuable and it is a high priority target for cybercriminals. A recent national survey revealed that more than 80% of physician practices have come under attack already. With healthcare service providers remaining busy with patient care, most have been slow to update their technologies and are consequently perceived to be highly vulnerable. While security breaches can be damaging for any organization, they are especially so in the case of healthcare providers. Data breaches can be costly to remedy and resume services, but can also leave an indelible imprint on your reputation as a healthcare service provider. This is why it’s always advisable for healthcare organizations to engage reputed IT, service providers, to protect their patient data, leverage the benefit of the cloud, AI, ML, and other emerging technologies, and most importantly, consistently monitor systems for threats and mitigate them.

What are the risks of poor IT management?

Poorly managed or integrated healthcare systems can leave organizations highly vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Patient data is highly valuable and significant data losses can threaten the very existence and viability of the entire business. Poorly managed IT systems in healthcare can serve as a bottleneck for operational efficiency, quality of patient care/ experience and billing systems, and even draw down employee morale leaving you trailing behind competitors.

Maintain HIPAA Compliance With a Managed Service Provider

Noncompliance with HIPAA and other relevant regulations can attract hefty fines, and lack of or improperly managed backup and disaster recovery systems can result in permanent loss of data and potential for business continuity. With healthcare being a sensitive field, a single failure in any of the above-mentioned scenarios can result in loss of patient trust or worse, impact on patient outcomes.

Patient Data Storage

Data in healthcare can literally be your organization’s lifeline. With the help of the right Healthcare IT consulting in Redding provider you can not only protect your data but also get highly actionable insights that offer significant value to your entire healthcare value chain and even offer new modes of revenue generation. This is made possible through advanced analytics that includes everything from Descriptive to Prescriptive Analytics. These insights can nurture innovation and enable superior patient experiences.

Network Security

Experienced Healthcare IT services in Redding providers can ensure end-to-end protection of your network and continuous monitoring for threats that keeps you prepared for any eventuality. We can help you enhance the security posture of your entire network. Being prepared also means you can resume operations as usual with minimal downtime even in the case of a breach.


Healthcare IT support in Redding providers can also help you build integrated health care platforms that bring together diverse healthcare experts and provide patients with the ability to better control outcomes. They can take care of the process better with digital consultations, seamless electronic health records and billing, auto-generated reminders, and more. Better communication capabilities can also help healthcare providers facilitate telehealth services through remote monitoring of patients, video conferences, and more.

Benefits of IT services for healthcare

  • Increasing your productivity levels by reducing server downtime and other issues
  • With the help of Healthcare IT consulting firms in Redding providers, you can migrate your legacy healthcare software applications to the cloud without any major service disruptions and minimal downtime.
  • Protecting your business data through a secured network infrastructure
  • Healthcare IT consulting services in Redding can help clinics to properly assess, monitor and evolve their network to protect mission-critical systems and remain HIPAA-compliant.
  • Reducing your operating costs
  • Even before the pandemic took hold, expenditures in healthcare were shooting up to unsustainable levels. A recent Gartner report noted that 59 percent of healthcare CIOs reported operating cost pressures and 41 percent reported shortfalls in funding. Hospital technology Consulting in Redding can help healthcare organizations optimize cost through virtualization, optimized resource management and helping keep IT costs predictable without large sunk costs in infrastructure.
  • Controlling your prevailing technology investments
  • Managed IT services for healthcare in Redding can help you upgrade your existing infrastructure and systems in line with best-in-class industrial standards to drive better patient outcomes. Experienced service providers can help you leverage cloud and other emerging technologies while still making use of your current processes and setup. They can help modernize legacy systems through architecture transformation, revamping the UX, or refactoring them.

Let Apex take care of your Healthcare Managed IT services

With social distancing and sanitization likely to remain in force for the foreseeable future, managing the deployment of new technologies to service those needs presents a bouquet of new challenges. This is especially true for small clinics or recently merged healthcare organizations that typically do not have the deep pockets of large hospitals and still need to enable digital transformation in order to protect patient data and the organization from cyber-attacks.

Healthcare-managed IT services in Redding can help you effectively handle cloud deployments, data center solutions, HIPAA-compliant patient data management, mobile initiatives, collaboration tools and security, and more.