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Employee Spotlight

Dallas Wert

Administrative Assistant

August 25, 2021May 6th, 2022Employee Spotlight

Our culture is built around our core values—Integrity, Teamwork, Transformation, Excellence, Customer Service Obsession, Humility and Security—and our mission—To transform organizations and lives through innovative technology solutions. Our core values are central to everything we do, beginning with how we vet and hire people onto our team.

By hiring people who represent our core values, we develop a culture of caring, committed people with a common mission—we develop an amazing team. And we want to share this amazing team with you! Follow along and get to know us a little bit better and find out what makes Apex, Apex.

Starting us out… Let me introduce you to Dallas Wert, Administrative Assistant.
“Dallas may be one of the newest members of our team, but he exemplifies our core values in so many ways, especially being that first helpful and professional impression you get whether it’s answering your incoming call or greeting you in the lobby. He doesn’t just know we think our customers are special, he embraces it.” – Joy Messer, Corporate Controller

How long have you been a part of the Apex Technology Management team?

7 months

What made you want to join Apex:

I wanted to work for a company that supported and valued its employees. Also, I wanted to work for a company that has a good work/home life balance.

What is the most interesting or favorite part of you job?

I enjoy being able to help out within each department as needed and having a variety of tasks throughout the day. I also really enjoy working with the finance team and growing my knowledge.

When you think of our culture, what 3 words come to mind:

Integrity, Teamwork, Excellence.

What are some of your hobbies outside of Apex?

My wife and I often go camping and overlanding all around Northern California and the Pacific Northwest.

Tell us one interesting fact about yourself:

I really enjoy taking pictures of the night sky.

Marce Miracle

Marketing & Communications Manager at Apex Technology Management, California-based IT Support Company. She is an expert in in-depth market research and knows how to stay on top of the most recent industry trends. She has a strong focus on budgeting and ensuring maximum profitability in the business.