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We build highly operational IT infrastructure based on our cloud computing services that can extend the core of your applications.

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Your business applications are only as strong as your tools!

Cloud computing is the future of business and you are the beholder of it. Apex will give you both and even more. We have been transforming organizations by providing cloud computing services in Redding and will continue to progress as a provider. We deploy high-performance databases, and virtual servers to provide enterprise-level computing capabilities to match your business.

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Cloud Migration Services

As a part of your cloud migration process, we deploy your organization’s digital assets, resources, and applications in the cloud where the migrated data cannot be accessed beyond the cloud’s firewall. Our Cloud engineers guide you to move forward with a well-knit strategy, roadmap, workflow model, and ecosystem collaborations.

Private Cloud Services

Our private cloud services are provisioned for dedicated use to only one organization where the cloud is maintained in your in-house infrastructure or on a trusted third-party service provider. Furthermore, we will solely devote the on-premise hardware and software to your organization that will ramp up the security of your data, tighten the security, and increase performance.

If you are a company in need of enhanced control over your data and environment, Apex’s private cloud-based IT infrastructure provides a configuration that is scaled to suit your current needs. Because, here we set the seal on exclusive scalability, governance, cloud recovery, and backup solutions.

Private Cloud Services

Public Cloud Services

Our public cloud service is hosted on the internet by amalgamating shared physical resources together in order to provide a virtualized environment to organizations. Here, we provide you a goldmine of data security and user experience by enabling the dynamic provisioning of storage and computational services. Our approach provides a vast array of solutions to address the needs of your organization, big or small.

We offer a pay as you use model with our public cloud hosting service to ensure reduced costs. Also, as resources are available on-demand, you won’t have to worry about scalability.

Public Cloud Services

Hybrid Cloud Services

Hybrid cloud computing is the best of both worlds.

At Apex, we combine your physical infrastructure or a private cloud with a public cloud allowing data and applications to move between two environments. A hybrid cloud allows you to maintain control over sensitive data by storing it in your private infrastructure and meanwhile, benefit from the resources of the public cloud. This maximizes ease and agility and a seamless experience between public and private infrastructure.

So if you are looking for greater flexibility, security, deployment options, etc., our hybrid cloud architecture can be an important part of your IT toolbox.

Hybrid Cloud Services

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Each business has its nitty-gritty areas to be handled and when moving to the cloud, we take heed of all of them.

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“ Apex is dedicated to setting new and higher standards of community and customer service, motivated by pride in our work and a hands-on friendly approach. “

Securing Your Cloud Journey

Cloud Migration Strategies

If you are managing a data center by yourself, let us help you by eliminating the on-premise maintenance cost and fret. And if not, let us introduce you to our agile and continuously monitored cloud computing services.

In both cases, you benefit!


Maturity Assessment

We assess your readiness for the cloud – calculating your cloud requirement according to your current application resource requirements. As Apex provides real-time visibility into your environment and dependabilities, you will know where you stand on your cloud journey, hence craft a well-knit cloud strategy for your business.


Architectural Assessment

Moving further with a vision, Apex continues to assess the operational needs and come up with the kind of cloud model that will work best for you. We then proceed with digging into the nook and cranny of how your operations will change and process when moving to the cloud.


Compliance Standards

Compliance is a major inhibitor to cloud migration but we won’t let you fret about it. We master the process of providing a cloud migration service by strictly adhering to all the regulatory guidelines so that your experience when moving to the cloud is seamless and worthy.


Risk Identification

We propose a framework with a comprehensive view of the risks with a scope of risk identification and monitoring during the operation. We identify and eliminate risks such as less legal protection, hardware ownership, policy, untrustworthy machine instances, and individual assumptions.

By adapting to our cloud computing solutions, you adapt to a more agile, secure, responsive, scalable, threat minimized, and seamless performance experience.


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We harness the power of cloud computing by prioritizing your business needs and creating industry-specific cloud solutions.

To witness your business reach the apex, all you need is a distinguished cloud specialist and a deliberate direction to move.

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As a cloud services provider in Redding, our core expertise lies in providing complete security and control over your digital assets. Because appointing low-security data management services is just another recipe for disaster. But with our spectrum of cloud services, you can sit back and relax. Moreover, your data center management staff can be directed towards more crucial tasks.

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