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Disruptive technology exists to significantly alter the way businesses, industries, and consumers operate. It strikes out the traditional habits to replace it with a superior version of it. Cloud computing as a disruptor has profound implications on the IT industry and related industries. It includes e-commerce, online news sites, ride-sharing apps, and GPS systems bring out a pivotal digital transformation in the cloud environment. 

There are a few business models that are based on disruptive cloud technologies i.e., Uber, Airbnb, etc. Both the companies don’t own any assets, instead just play the role of a matchmaker. Uber matches the customers with cab drivers and Airbnb matched them with listed lodgings. Imagine how Uber and Airbnb are disrupting the cab industry and hotel industry respectively.

Cloud Computing Trends

Cloud computing is more of a disruptive IT delivery model that leverages key technology ideas and delivers them in a more efficient manner. The transformation to cloud computing has proved to be smooth and financially profitable for businesses especially when we at Apex, give you the best cloud storage.

Wild Growth of Services

The business world is always evolving and in the recent few years, there is a wild increase in the number of industries in the market. Along with SaaS, and PaaS, IaaS also gives acceleration to the need and usage of cloud computing services. The more industries enter and adapt to the market, the more the usage of cloud computing will increase.

And as cloud computing acts as a significant factor in uplifting the business ecosystems, the future usage of it will always be rising. With new services like ‘Functions as a Service’, and  ‘Backend as a service’, cloud computing is witnessing overtaking the traditional methods of IT infrastructure.

Massive Storage Capacity

The average amount of data to be stored by businesses is increasing every single day and has reached its peak. In fact, that is why cloud computing systems were brought into usage in the first place. Let me back this up for you.

Global cloud storage reached around 600 EB in 2017 but by the end of 2021, its exponential growth will hit 2.3 ZB.

Surprising? Not so much!

As cloud computing clearly supersedes the older processes and replaces them with the ones of a superior attribute, it is now used more than ever. It’s only a matter of time when every business starts to trust it and adapt to the cloud, it will overtake all the traditional data storage methods.

Storage is Cheaper Than Ever

Often businesses miss out on quickly adapting to the threats which increase the need for disruptors. Cloud computing is one of them as it saves you from a data breach threat at very low prices. 

With the competitive prices of storage in the market, cloud computing has a serious drop in the price of storage. Moreover, with cloud storage, businesses can save the amount required for storage and use it for better purposes. 

Benefits of Cloud Computing

Clouds Without Servers

In the beginning, cloud computing required servers as their storage devices but now the tables have turned. Businesses can now store their data online making the usage of server storage outdated. To run services free from servers, server-free technology has been developed and announced so that developers can build and run services free from the hassle of infrastructure.

This cloud computing trend has more benefits than you can think of. It can improve efficiency on a greater level with lesser efforts altogether, all at lower costs. The first ones to dive into the server-free cloud are startups. As they run on a tight budget, they appreciate low overhead costs for their infrastructure. Moreover, large organizations have also started to see the potential in this.

Cloud-Based Containers

A cloud-based container is an approach towards operating virtualization. With this, a user can work with a program using resource procedures that are isolated. From libraries to extra configurations, all the dependencies can be contained in one simple system. Cloud-based containers help in producing operational efficiency, version control, developer productivity, and environmental consistency. This further enhances a user’s reliability, consistency, and quickness regardless of the platform.

In its most recent survey, the Cloud Native Computing Foundation found that in 2019 the vast majority of respondents, 84 percent, were running containers in production. This itself shows the booming importance of it.


Do you know what is the Internet of Things and where it is present in our lives already?

The Internet of Things is invading almost all parts of our life i.e., from smart kitchen appliances to smart printers. The devices that can rely on the cloud and can easily connect to the systems and share data are smart devices. These smart devices can learn habits and suggest new methods or alternatives for its user to live and perform more efficiently.

In the coming future, most of the products will be smart products and will have connectivity that was confined to our mobile phones, laptops, etc. It has already begun!

Cars, household appliances, and production equipment in manufacturing have already started communicating with the cloud. 

5G Networks

More and more data is being created by new trends in cloud computing every single minute of the day, there is a need for data to move faster. This can only be possible with the help of a reliable network connection. A network connection that is fast, reliable, and can handle huge amounts of data can make cloud storage more efficient. It must have already struck your mind till now but let me tell you if it hasn’t – 5G is the way to go!

5G networks are already being tested in certain regions. As the 5G network comes into work, the scope and usage of cloud-based will expand drastically.

The promising world of Cloud Computing

These were the cloud computing trends that are impacting 2021 already. Cloud computing is driving digital disruption and Apex promises to take you through the world of technology and automation. Our cloud computing services in Redding have successfully become astonishing examples of disruptive technologies.

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